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The fusion of the most traditional language of jazz together with the harmonies and rhythms of flamenco results in an energetic music with a very defined identity. This website is not aimed at teaching flamenco, or jazz in its purest branch, but rather at discovering resources and tools that allow us to understand the functioning of both, in order to create this mix where the two worlds converge.

Roberto Cantero is a saxophonist, flutist and arranger from the Spanish city of Malaga, Andalusia land of flamenco art and music.

Roberto Cantero in his career he has made numerous tours with well-known groups in this country such as Chambao and others, he has also been nominated in 2008 as best producer.
In his eagerness to find his own language based on the roots of his land, Roberto Cantero finds a very interesting and new path in Flamenco Jazz.
As an eternal music student, his greatest desire is to share his knowledge, as well as debate and experiment to reach more public with this same interest.


Nominated for Latin Grammy as best producer of the year


Tours in twenty countries around the world

+ 20

years of experience in the music sector

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